Arbitrators and mediators

“The set continues to benefit from its impressive international reach, with members sitting in arbitrations in Singapore, Hong Kong and New York”
Chambers UK Bar 

Members of 7KBW also practice as arbitrators. The set operates at the highest end of the market, where they resolve arbitration proceedings that involve significant values and include complex points of law.

We offer several full-time senior arbitrators who have sat as distinguished judges in the UK Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal. The majority of senior members also regularly sit as arbitrators. Many of our juniors are also able to act as arbitrators, offering a competitively-priced solution to resolving lower-value international trade, commodities, and insurance claims.

When sitting as arbitrators, our members render awards on a timely basis and are assisted by our practice management team to do so promptly. Our clerks can ensure confidentiality and separation whenever we have counsel on one or both sides and arbitrator(s) engaged in the same matter.

Members can act as sole arbitrators and are frequently instructed to do so. They are often selected as party-appointed co-arbitrators. Senior members regularly chair tribunals. All our arbitrators are highly regarded for their work with all leading arbitration institutions.

Our arbitrators are familiar with the rules and procedures of the various commercial arbitration institutions, including those of the ICC, LCIA, AAA, SIAC, SCC, LCIA-DIFC, DIAC, HKIAC, KCAB, KLRCA, and ACICA, as well as the UNCITRAL rules; and of the ICSID arbitration rules concerning investment arbitrations. They also accept appointments on an ad hoc basis.

We are familiar with arbitrations held in London, with a London seat; specialist claims, such as Bermuda Form arbitrations, with a seat in Bermuda; or seats such as Singapore, Hong Kong, or South Korea.

Members can resolve a broad range of arbitral disputes, ranging from the insurance and reinsurance, international trade and shipping disputes which are also a mainstay of 7KBW’s counsel practice to shareholder disputes,  claims arising from corporate sale & purchase agreements, disagreements between oligarchs and UNHW individuals, as well as sector specific claims such as upstream and downstream energy claims.

They are equally skilled at resolving complex contractual issues and associated legal questions, ranging from employment law, data breaches, copyright, privacy of information and intellectual property matters, arising out of contracts, settlement agreements, or other provisions requiring arbitration.

Members also have experience in resolving sports disputes, including those which appear before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Members have sat as arbitrators in tribunals under all the major institutional rules in London, Europe, the Middle East and Africa; the set is a founder member of the London Court of International Arbitration and a significant supporter of London International Disputes Week.

We are recognised in the arbitration community and have taken part in numerous major arbitration conferences, including those run by the arbitral institutions, such as the ICC Commission on Arbitration, the LCIA, SIAC, and HKIAC, and by trade journals, such as CDR, GAR, and others.

Arbitrators from 7KBW accept appointments in all areas in which members of chambers practise.

Please contact the arbitrators’ clerk Sean Hulbert by email on

Full time arbitrators

Barristers who accept appointments as arbitrators


Mediation is a growing area for some members of chambers, a number of whom sit on a regular basis and are accredited by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

Members who accept appointments as mediators include: