How to apply

The Application Process

7KBW is a member of the Pupillage Gateway application scheme. Applications should therefore be made through the online Pupillage Gateway system, by way of completion of an online application form. Applications should be made by 9 February 2022 for pupillages commencing in September 2023 (and may also be made for deferred pupillages commencing September 2024).

If you have any questions about how to apply to 7KBW please contact the Pupillage Secretary (Elizabeth Lindesay) on or +44 (0)20 79108300. If you wish to apply but are unable to do so through the Pupillage Gateway by reason of a disability, please contact the Pupillage Secretary (Elizabeth Lindesay) and an alternative but (so far as practicable) equivalent method of applying will be identified which is the most suitable for you and for Chambers.

Applicants who are informed by the BSB that they are exempt from applying for pupillage through the Pupillage Gateway system (for example, established practitioners) are nonetheless asked to apply via the Gateway, in the usual way.

The Assessment Process

7KBW selects candidates by a two-round interview process. Not all candidates will be interviewed. All candidates are assessed on the basis of the same objective and fair criteria (see the selection criteria here).

7KBW is committed to respecting and encouraging equality and diversity in its approach to the assessment of applicants for pupillage. As part of this commitment, we use background information provided by applicants through the Rare Contextual Recruitment System, to allow all candidates to be assessed fairly, whatever their circumstances. Candidates are invited to complete the contextual information questionnaire on submitting their Pupillage Gateway application.