Instructing a barrister

How to instruct us

The first point of contact should be our clerking team, who are available to deal with all enquiries. Our clerks can advise you as to the most suitable member or members of Chambers to deal with a particular piece of work, as to members’ availability, and in relation to fees. Our barristers can accept instructions in written form, by fax or by email. If it is necessary for instructions to be given orally, we would request that you confirm the instructions in writing as soon as reasonably practicable.

Who can instruct us

The majority of our members’ instructions are received from solicitors, whether in private practice or in-house legal departments. Instructions may also be received from other authorised litigators, employed barristers and European lawyers registered with the Law Society or the Bar Council. Members also accept instructions from professional organisations or individuals who are licensed under the Bar Council’s Licensed Access scheme. This enables professionals such as accountants who belong to a licensed professional body to instruct a barrister directly, without the involvement of a solicitor.

A large proportion of 7KBW’s practice has an international dimension, and members regularly work with overseas clients and foreign lawyers. Our members are generally able to accept direct instructions from foreign lawyers or overseas clients to provide legal advice or to act in arbitrations (in England or elsewhere) or to appear in Court in overseas jurisdictions. Our clerks are always able to assist in advising as to whether members are able to accept instructions directly. In cases where the rules require our members to be instructed through a solicitor, we can assist a client in finding a suitable solicitor.