7KBW welcomes applications for pupillages, mini-pupillages and tenancy from talented and ambitious applicants, regardless of background.


Up to 4 twelve-month pupillages are available per year. Applications should be made via the Pupillage Gateway 2022 season for pupillages commencing in September 2023. Applications can also be made for deferred pupillages commencing in September 2024, but deferred pupillages will only be offered in exceptional circumstances. Further details are available here.


For individuals interested in acquiring further experience of the Commercial Bar and 7KBW in particular, we offer mini-pupillages of two days duration. A mini-pupillage is an excellent way for those considering applying for pupillage at 7KBW to find out more about Chambers, but is not a requirement for a pupillage application. Further details are available here.

Established Practitioners

We welcome applications to join chambers from practitioners of proven excellence in the fields of banking, civil fraud, energy and international arbitration, or from those with an established practice overseas.  Applications by established practitioners should be addressed to our Recruitment Committee.