Equality & diversity

7 King’s Bench Walk recognises the vital importance of improving diversity at the Bar and ensuring it is accessible to, and inclusive of, the society it serves. We are committed to the fair recruitment of the best candidates from the widest possible pool of talent.

As part of this commitment, Chambers participates in the 10,000 Black Interns Project, Pegasus Access and Support Scheme (PASS) and the Bar Placement Scheme, all of which are designed to expand opportunities for students from under-represented groups to experience life in Chambers. It is also a proud supporter of The 93% Club, the UK’s largest network of state-educated university students.

In addition, Members of Chambers are involved in mentoring to support students from non-traditional backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a career in law, and in particular at the Bar, including through schemes operated by IntoUniversity, Combar, the Bar Council, City University, and the Inns of Court.

The promotion of equality and diversity is a central consideration in the design and implementation of our recruitment processes. All members of our selection panels are trained in fair recruitment and selection processes. We use the same objective and fair criteria for all candidates, assessing candidates solely on merit, irrespective of race (including colour, nationality, citizenship and ethnic or national origin), sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy/maternity, marital status or civil partnership, age, religion, belief (including political persuasion) or disability.

As part of our commitment to the promotion of equality and diversity, we use background information, obtained and analysed through the Rare Contextual Recruitment system, in our assessment process. This enables us to take account of the background and circumstances of each candidate in considering the extent to which that candidate fulfils the criteria for selection.

We recognise that women, members of ethnic minorities, LGBT+ and those with disabilities are under-represented at the Commercial Bar, including within 7 King’s Bench Walk. We particularly welcome applications from candidates within such groups.

We will make reasonable adjustments to the application process for pupillage and tenancy for disabled applicants.

For more on our commitment to equality and diversity, please click here.


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