For details of talks and seminars currently offered by members of 7KBW please contact Chantal Perdreau, at

Topics covered by recent talks include:

  • Recent developments in shipping law
  • Contractual damages
  • Shipbuilding: recurring disputes and how to avoid them
  • Promises to arbitrate and their enforcement
  • The modern day arbitrator – expectations and irritations
  • Rectification: theoretical problems and practical answers
  • The interpretation of force majeure clauses
  • The “nuts and bolts” of FPSOs
  • The Insurance Act 2015
  • Freezing Injunctions
  • Security for costs in arbitration (in the context of third party funding)
  • Assessment of Damages: what benefits caused by a wrong must be brought into account?
  • Attribution of knowledge
  • Reinsurers’ liability/obligations at common law and the effect of “follow settlement” clauses.
  • Insurance and the Misrepresentation Act 1967
  • Current issues in tort law (remoteness, illegality, contributory negligence, duty of care, economic torts, joint torts, vicarious liability, non-delegable duties of care and various other topics)
  • Commercial remedies (injunctions, specific performance, termination, damages, declaratory relief and various other topics)
  • Civil procedure (especially relief from sanctions, judicial bias and recusal, costs, limitation, freezing orders and other interim relief).