Pupillage: videos

7KBW welcomes applications for pupillage and mini-pupillage from talented and ambitious applicants, regardless of their background.

For those looking to apply  for pupillage or mini-pupillage at 7KBW, or for any students keen to know more about applying for and life at the Commercial Bar, the videos below may be helpful.

The videos are also available to view on Chambers’ YouTube Channel.

Please also see our page on equality and diversity.

Introduction to 7KBW

Members of Chambers discuss why they chose 7KBW; what makes the 7KBW a top ranked commercial set; why it stands out in terms of the nature, scale and variety of work; and the personality and culture of 7KBW as a diverse and collegiate set.

 The range of work at 7KBW

Why is Commercial Law an exciting prospect for people considering a career at the Bar? Members of 7KBW describe the variety, scale and challenge of the work they do.

Social mobility and inclusion

7KBW is committed to promoting social mobility at the Commercial Bar and to ensuring that it is an inclusive community that welcomes and supports all practitioners regardless of background. Members reflect on their experiences and priorities in these respects.

Women at the Commercial Bar

Members of 7KBW discuss their personal experiences of being a woman at the Commercial Bar including how 7KBW supports women throughout their career and how members are able to manage their work/life balance.

How to apply for pupillage and mini-pupillage at 7KBW

How should candidates for pupillage and mini-pupillage approach the application process? What is 7KBW looking for from candidates, and how are candidates assessed?  Members of the pupillage committee give their advice to candidates considering an application.

Life as a pupil at 7KBW

Members of 7KBW describe how the pupillage experience is structured, what opportunities pupils are given to learn and to take on responsibilities, how they are supported formally and informally, and how their work is supervised and assessed.  Recent pupils give their perspective on the challenges and their advice to prospective candidates for pupillage.