Sir Jeremy Cooke has considerable experience in the law in a variety of roles.

His experience as a city solicitor before coming to the Bar in 1976 made him particularly conscious of the issues faced by business and those with which commercial litigation and transactional solicitors grapple. He understands the practical processes of litigation because he has been involved in them at all levels. As a junior barrister in a commercial set of chambers, he cut his teeth on small charter-party disputes and in employment tribunals before embarking on the larger scale litigation that is more commonly associated with such chambers today. He became experienced in insurance and reinsurance as well as shipping, branching out into other areas of commercial law as the work came his way. As a junior he was rarely led, being entrusted with the advocacy in all but the largest disputes. In his 14 years as a junior barrister, he sat as an Arbitrator on an occasional basis, before taking silk in 1990.

After appointment as Queen’s Counsel in 1990, Sir Jeremy’s practice was largely in the areas of shipping, marine insurance, non-marine insurance, reinsurance, professional negligence (particularly insurance brokers’ negligence), banking, international sale of goods and energy (oil, gas and electricity disputes). He sat regularly as an Arbitrator in shipping, insurance and reinsurance and oil trading disputes (including Bermuda Form Arbitrations) and led teams in such litigation as the Names claims against their Lloyds Agents over the writing of LMX business, the Agents defences to the Names’ claims in relation to long tail casualty business, in Aviation Reinsurance, in the Film Finance Insurance disputes, in the Metro Litigation, and in large International trade, insurance, shipping and oil disputes in arbitration. Few of the energy disputes in which he was involved proceeded to trial save for oil trading claims. He became accredited as a Mediator and gave expert evidence of English law in courts in the USA. His practice as an advocate took him to Bermuda and Singapore.

Sir Jeremy Cooke retired from the High Court Bench at Easter 2016, having been appointed in 2001. He sat regularly in the Commercial Court presiding over the full gamut of business conducted in that court and being the Judge in charge of that court from 2012 – 2014. He is a Justice of the Dubai International Financial Court and now accepts appointments as an arbitrator and mediator. He is appointed to the panel of Shanghai International Arbitration Center (SHIAC). He has extensive experience of sitting in serious criminal cases including those involving corruption or fraud. He presided over the trial of the first trader to be convicted for attempting to fix LIBOR. He was during his time on the Bench, so the statistics show, the Commercial Judge whose decisions were least likely to be overturned in the Court of Appeal and has been, on more than one of those few occasions, upheld in the Supreme Court. He was renowned for the speed at which he produced his judgments, for his informal and down to earth approach and the firm but fair and polite efficiency with which he conducted trials, including some lengthy commercial trials with litigants in person. Since retirement he continues to sit occasionally as a Deputy Judge in the Commercial Court.

The following represent a sample of the cases decided by him in different areas of business, omitting the large number of cases on jurisdictional issues and procedural issues.