John specialises in commercial law, in particular in the following areas: General Commercial Disputes, Insurance/Reinsurance, International Trade, Sale of Goods, Shipping, Carriage of Goods, Arbitration, Agency, Fraud, Professional Negligence (not medical).  He has extensive experience of disputes concerning a wide range of commercial contracts. In the context of those disputes, he has dealt with a wide range of ancillary issues, including the jurisdiction of the court or arbitral tribunal, and various forms of injunctive relief. He has appeared as an advocate in the Court of Appeal, the Commercial Court, the Queen’s Bench and Chancery Divisions and in arbitration.

In relation to the practice of which a précis is given below, John has carried out tasks including: advising on merits, advising on evidence, drafting correspondence, drafting statements of case, drafting case management documentation, drafting witness statements, preparation of expert reports, review of disclosure and supervision of disclosure review teams, advice on disclosure (such as scope of searches, specific disclosure etc), identification of documentation for hearing bundles, drafting of skeleton arguments, appearing as advocate (both at interlocutory and final hearings), advising in relation to appeals from awards and judgments, drafting appeal documentation, appearing as advocate at appeal hearings, and advising on enforcement.