“Michael” Piermay Shipping Co. S.A. And Brandt’s Ltd. V. Chester

[1979] 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 1; [1979] 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 55; [1979] 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 17 Timothy Saloman – Insurance (Marine) – Scuttling – Total loss of vessel – Owners claimed for loss by perils of the seas – Whether claim fraudulent – Claim for loss by barratry – Whether vessel deliberately sunk with knowledge and […]

February 14, 1979

Saronic Shipping Co. Ltd. –v- Huron Liberian Co.

[1979] 1 Lloyds Rep 341 Gavin Kealey – Charter-party (Voyage)-Contract of affreightment- Bunker escalation clause-Claimants submitted invoices for increased costs of bunkers-Vessels in question neither owned by nor demised to claimants-Whether principles of course of dealing, estoppel waiver or restitutio in integrum applied-Whether special case should be remitted-Essovoy 1969.

September 28, 1978

“Rolimpex” Czarnikow Ltd. -v- Centrala Handlu Zagranicznego

[1979] AC 351; [1978] 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 305 Timothy Saloman – Sale of goods (f.o.b.) – Prohibition of export – Force majeure – Sugar sold to English merchants by Polish state enterprise – Clause in contract excusing non-delivery caused by force majeure including government intervention – Export of sugar forbidden by decree of Polish government […]

July 6, 1978


[1978] 1 Lloyd’sRep. 184 Timothy Saloman was involved in this practice-Action in rem-Jurisdiction- Whether vessel beneficially owned by defendants- Whether writ and all subsequent proceedings should be set aside for lack of jurisdiction- Whether cargo-owners’ action time barred- Administration of Justice Act, 1956, s.3(4)- R.S.C., O. 18, r. 19.

August 17, 1977