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James Goudkamp elected as a member of The American Law Institute

14th Oct 2020

The American Law Institute (“ALI”) has elected 38 new members  including James Goudkamp. Members bring their expertise to the ALI’s work of clarifying the law through Restatements, Principles, and Model Codes. They are selected from confidential nominations submitted by ALI members.

“It has been a challenging and unsettling few months for all of us,” said ALI President David F. Levi. “Despite all of the uncertainty, the work of the Institute continues, and is perhaps needed now more than ever. It is with great pride that I welcome this newest group of superbly qualified members who are sure to provide unique insight to our Restatement, Principles, and Model Code projects.”

The American Law Institute is a private, independent, NGO committed to addressing two chief defects that it has identified in American law- its uncertainty and complexity. The Institute, founded in 1923, publishes Restatements of the Law, Principles of the Law and Model Codes aimed at targeting issues caused by these defects, such as causing greater difficulty in advising persons of their rights, and creating delay and expense after litigations begins.  The work of the institute’s members facilitate progress in modernizing American law. Elected members are sought after by the institute who identify the leading academics in targeted fields.

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