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Andrew Pearson speaking at LSLC seminar on “Court powers exercisable in support of arbitral proceedings”

10th Apr 2024, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
IDRC, Paternoster Lane, London, UK

Andrew Pearson will be speaking as part of a panel for LSLC’s upcoming seminar “Court powers exercisable in support of arbitral proceedings – delving into the Section 44 toolbox” on Wednesday 10 April.

The panel will be chaired by The Hon. Mr Justice Bright. Andrew will joined on the panel by, Karen Maxwell of Twenty Essex, and Tim Houghton of Nautica Law LLP.

Sponsored by 7KBW, the seminar will examine Section 44 of the 1996 Arbitration Act which provides the Court with important powers exercisable in support of arbitral proceedings. These range from freezing injunctions to orders for surveyors to go aboard vessels for photographing and inspection. This seminar offers the opportunity to consider the types of relief that are available under this jurisdiction, as well as its limitations.

Specific issues for discussion:

  • The requirements for relief under s44.
  • The interplay with remedies available from the Tribunal
  • Freezing injunctions, asset disclosure orders, and appointment of
    receivers under s. 44
  • “Vasso” orders
  • Injunctions and the limits of s.44 relief
  • The Arbitration Bill and s.44 relief

For more information on the event follow LSLC’s website here.

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