Caltex Trading Pte. Ltd. –v- Metro Trading International Inc. And Others And Glencore International A.G. And Others (Third Parties) And Sea Victory Shipping Corporation, Procopiou And Baker Services Inc. (Fourth Parties)

Alistair Schaff QC
Richard Southern QC

[2000] 1 All ER (Comm) 108;[1999] 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 724

Alistair Schaff Q.C. and Richard Southern – Practice – Jurisdiction – Submission to jurisdiction – Receivership order made in respect of company engaged in business of storing, blending and trading in oil – Claims made against fourth parties – Fourth parties served summons for inspection of documents – Whether fourth parties submitted to jurisdiction – Whether claims within R.S.C., O. 16, r. 1(1), r. 9 – Whether fourth party claims disclosed no cause of action and should be set aside

Date added: September 17th, 1999

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Energy & natural resources
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