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7KBW launches virtual mini-pupillages for aspiring barristers

16th Feb 2021

7KBW is delighted to announce that it is now holding virtual mini-pupillages for aspiring barristers.

Under the scheme, mini-pupils will get a chance to meet with a junior barrister and discuss a recent judgment or legal problem relevant to that barrister’s practice. Mini-pupils will also meet a more senior barrister – either a Queen’s Counsel or a senior junior barrister – to enable them to find out more about commercial law practice at a higher level, and a senior clerk.

We have always recognised that mini-pupillages are an important part of encouraging aspiring barristers from a diverse range of backgrounds to find out more about a career as a barrister in 7KBW as a leading commercial set. The flexibility of the virtual mini-pupillage scheme will also enable prospective applicants who may face other barriers to entry (including because of work or childcare commitments) to participate and build understanding and experience.

We welcome applications from students who are at an undergraduate level (including undergraduates studying for non-law degrees), non-law graduates who are studying a conversion course or graduate degree in law transferring solicitors and law graduates currently working in other professions. Virtual mini-pupillages, like 7KBW’s in-person mini-pupillages, are not assessed.

All mini-pupillages will be virtual until it is safe and practical to resume offering in-person mini-pupillages, in line with Government guidance on working from the office.

Applications should be made by providing a CV and cover letter to There are three application windows, closing on 1 March, 1 July and 1 December, respectively. Applications in each window are reviewed together.

7KBW also participates in the Inner Temple’s Pegasus Access and Support Scheme for students from backgrounds currently under-represented at the Bar, for which applications should be made separately to Inner Temple. Further information may be found at the Inner Temple website.