How to apply

The Application Process

7KBW is a member of the Pupillage Gateway application scheme. Applications should therefore be made through the online Pupillage Gateway system, by way of completion of an online application form.  If you have any questions about how to apply to 7KBW please contact the Pupillage Secretary (Michael Ryan) on or +44 (0)20 79108300.

Applications should be made by 8 February 2021 for pupillages commencing in September 2022 (and may also be made for deferred pupillages commencing September 2023). If you wish to apply but are unable to do so through the Pupillage Gateway by reason of a disability, please contact the Pupillage Secretary (Michael Ryan) and an alternative but (so far as practicable) equivalent method of applying will be identified which is the most suitable for you and for Chambers.

Applicants who are informed by the Bar Council that they are exempt from applying for pupillage through the Pupillage Gateway system (for example, established practitioners) may nonetheless choose to apply through that system. Alternatively, such applications may be made by sending a covering letter, curriculum vitae (which should include results achieved in any examinations undertaken to date, and a full breakdown of the results of all examinations undertaken during any degree courses) and details of two academic/professional referees for the attention of “The Head of the Pupillage Committee”. Chambers reserves the right to ask such applicants to apply via the Pupillage Gateway, where appropriate.

Not all candidates will be interviewed. All candidates are assessed on the basis of the same objective and fair criteria (see the selection criteria set outbelow). 7KBW is committed to respecting and encouraging equality and diversity in its approach to the assessment of applicants for pupillage.

Chambers will make any reasonable adjustments required for a disabled candidate to ensure that he or she is not substantially disadvantaged at interview.

Selection Criteria

Chambers is looking for high-quality candidates with real potential to succeed at the commercial Bar, regardless of background.

We do not require applicants to have any knowledge of commercial law when they apply to us and we recognise that many, in particular non-law graduates, will not have had an opportunity to study the areas of law in which we practise. We do, however, expect applicants to have the strong analytical and intellectual abilities that are necessary to meet the demands of commercial practice. For this reason, we do not interview candidates who do not have a first or a good upper second class degree, save in very exceptional circumstances.

It is also important that our pupils have the potential to become good advocates. For this reason, we ask applicants who are invited to an interview to prepare and present a short advocacy exercise.

All applicants are assessed by reference to the following criteria:

A. Intellectual and analytical ability

A1    A first class degree or a good 2:1

A2    Other means of demonstrating intellectual ability

A3    Ability to absorb information from extensive documentation

A4    Ability to analyse documents and oral communications and to identify salient issues

A5    Written skills: ability to present complex ideas succinctly and persuasively in writing

A6    Attention to detail

A7    Sound judgement

B. Oral communication and advocacy skills

B1    Advocacy skills

B2    Oral skills: ability to communicate effectively with solicitors, clients, and experts

B3    Sound judgement in advocacy and oral communication

C. Temperament

C1    Professional stamina

C2    Commitment to and capacity for hard work

C3    Ability to perform under pressure

C4    Resilience

C5    Sense of responsibility

D. Interpersonal skills

D1    Capacity to understand and to show understanding of the needs and problems of others

D2    Ability to work alone and as part of a team

E. Commitment to the Commercial Bar / tenancy at 7KBW

E1    Commitment to a career at the Commercial Bar

E2    Potential to make a contribution to the life of 7KBW more generally (e.g. by giving talks / seminars to solicitors / involvement in marketing activities)