7KBW welcomes applications for pupillage

A maximum of 4 twelve month pupillages are available per year.

Pupillage Award

£65,000, option to draw down up to £25,000.

When And How To Apply

Applications should be made via the Pupillage Gateway (2021 season) for pupillages commencing in September 2022 or for deferred applications (which are only offered in exceptional circumstances) commencing in September 2023.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for candidates with strong analytical and intellectual abilities.  We do not typically interview candidates who do not have a first or a good upper second-class degree.  For details of our selection criteria, please see here.


A Little about 7KBW

What We Do

7 King’s Bench Walk is a specialist commercial set with a reputation for excellence and intellectual rigour.  The vast majority of our work is in the commercial courts and in commercial arbitrations in London, although members also appear regularly in other courts and jurisdictions.  The general character of Chambers’ work is of an international flavour.

Areas of work

All members of Chambers specialise in commercial law.  In practice, commercial law covers everything from small-scale contractual disputes to complex multi-jurisdictional disputes in areas such as international trade, energy, insurance, banking, financial services, fraud, commodities and shipping.

You will receive the best possible training

The work of a pupil is diverse.  A large component will be helping in the preparation of trials and applications and attending Court with your pupil supervisor.  It will also include drafting statements of case, researching the law, writing opinions and attending conferences, where advice is given and the case is discussed with solicitors, clients and expert witnesses.  These are all skills a barrister at 7KBW can expect to use throughout his or her practice.  We ensure that pupils have the opportunity to develop them during pupillage, and help them as far as we can to do so.  You will, of course, also attend Court and arbitrations with your pupil supervisor.  This will enable you to see the preparation, in which you will have played a part, put into practice.  You will be able to observe many different styles of advocacy, not only those of your pupil supervisors, but also of opponents.

The Year

It is incumbent on your pupil supervisors to ensure that you produce your best work whilst in Chambers.  You will be closely monitored and supervised.  You will not be asked to do work at the last minute, and all senior members will have to go through your pupil supervisor when you are asked to do work.  It is important that you work for as many members of Chambers as possible during your pupillage, however, so that an informed decision can be made about tenancy.

We want you to succeed

You will be judged on ability only.  We do not set quotas for new tenants each year and we have ample accommodation.  Chambers is looking to expand its number of junior tenants due to the number of leading silks practising at 7KBW.

Please contact the Pupillage Secretary for further information.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7910 8300 or email: pupillage@7kbw.co.uk