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Henderson –v- Merrett Syndicates Ltd.; Hallam-Eames –v- Merrett Syndicates Ltd.; Hughes –v- Merrett Syndicates Ltd.; Feltrim Underwriting Agencies Ltd. –v- Arbuthnott; Gooda Walker Ltd. –v- Deeny [House of Lords]

25th Jul 1994

[1995] 2 AC 145, [1994] 3 WLR 761, [1994] 3 All ER 506

Jonathan Gaisman and Christopher Butcher – Insurance – Lloyd’s – Managing agent

Insurance – Lloyd’s – Managing agent – Agency and sub-agency agreements with Names – Conduct and management of underwriting – Whether agents owing duty of care in tort – Whether members’ agent liable for default of managing agent – Lloyd’s Agency Agreement (byelaw No. 1 of 1985)

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