Jawdat specialises in all aspects commercial litigation and arbitration, and has a particular prominence in insurance and reinsurance disputes where he has long been acknowledged as one of the leading practitioners at the bar.

As well as being very bright and incredibly able, Jawdat is both a commercially astute lawyer and a good tactician.  He is personable and approachable, and earns the respect of his clients with ‘can-do’ attitude and strong desire to win.

Jawdat appears as an advocate and advises in a wide range of commercial disputes, many of which are complex, high value matters that have an international element. Recent matters in connection with which he has been instructed include:

  • Harcus Sinclair v Your Lawyers (2017), a case concerned with allegations of professional misconduct on the part of a firm of solicitors in connection with an undertaking and allegations of breach of confidence in connection with the use of information produced under a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Yukos Finance v Lynch [2017] EWHC 1812 (Comm), resisting an application to set aside an order retrospectively validating the service of a claim form on a defendant out of the jurisdiction by alternative means.
  • Augusta Due v Furtrans (2017), an application for an order for the committal to prison of a director of a company upon a finding of contempt for breach of an anti-suit injunction by continuing to pursue foreign proceedings.
  • Meerza v Al Baho (2017), a case concerned with allegations of dishonesty in connection with the purchase of a property in London, which raised detailed issues as to the waiver of privilege.
  • A reinsurance dispute (2016) concerned with the question whether a term obliging a reinsured to exercise due skill and care was to be implied into a contract of reinsurance protecting a book of French property business.
  • An insurance dispute (2016) concerned with the avoidance of a policy of property owners’ insurance for the failure to disclose the non-disclosure in previous years of a serious criminal conviction.
  • An insurance dispute (2016) concerned with the recoverability under a policy of insurance of the costs of an investigation conducted by the SEC in the US.
  • Quadra Commodities v Zar Macaron (2016), an application for an anti-suit injunction restraining a party from pursuing foreign proceedings in breach of an arbitration clause.
  • C&S Associates v Enterprise Insurance Co [2015] EWHC 3757 (Comm), a case concerned with the repudiation by insurers of a claims handling agreement.
  • Impala Warehousing v Wanxiang Resources [2015] EWHC 811 (Comm), an application for a mandatory injunction requiring a defendant to discontinue foreign proceedings and a prohibitory injunction restraining the defendant from commencing proceedings otherwise than in accordance with an exclusive English jurisdiction clause in a warehousing contract.

Additional substantial insurance and reinsurance cases in connection with which Jawdat has been engaged on behalf of market-leading insurers and reinsurers include:

  • The Federal Mogul Asbestos Personal Injury Trust v Federal-Mogul Limited and Others [2014] EWHC 2002 (Comm), a case concerning the extent to which an asbestos personal injury trust was entitled to intervene in the contractual relations between an insured and its insurance carriers, and to prescribe how asbestos claims, to be brought by the trust in the US, should be administered, defended and disposed of by the reinsurers on behalf of insured under the terms of an asbestos liability policy and corresponding reinsurance agreement.
  • Two arbitrations (2013, 2014) concerned with an insurer’s liability to indemnify its insured under a policy of liability insurance in connection with patent infringement claims that had been brought by two different brand-name manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.
  • An arbitration (2014) concerned with an insurer’s liability to indemnify its insured under a Bermuda Form policy in connection with claims for thromboembolic events allegedly suffered by women as a result of the use of the insured’s transdermal contraceptive patch.
  • An arbitration (2013) concerned with an insurers’ liability to indemnify its insured under a Bermuda Form policy in connection with claims for breast cancer allegedly suffered by post-menopausal women as a result of using the insured’s hormone replacement therapy drug products.

Jawdat is ranked in the directories as a leader in the fields of insurance and reinsurance, commercial litigation and international arbitration, and he was nominated by Chambers and Partners for the Insurance Junior of the Year Award in 2014. 

Described as ‘top class’ and ‘excellent’, Jawdat is a ‘very bright’ and ‘incredibly able’ lawyer.  He is a ‘good tactician’ and ‘delivers commercially strategic advice’ which ‘always instils confidence’.  He is ‘dependable and very personable’, and is rated ‘highly for his approachable manner and pragmatic attitude’.  Jawdat takes a ‘hands-on’ approach to his cases and is both accessible and ‘extremely user-friendly’.  He ‘attracts praise’ and ‘wins great market respect’ for his ‘notable expertise’ in a wide range of matters.